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Getting Lost 1: Field study


This was my mantra for the trip.


I headed off to LA, but not for the trendy city and tasty sweets, although I was extremely happy to see my friends! No, I headed out for another four-hour drive (damn traffic) to Joshua Tree National Park like a crazy woman for a desert hike. Oh, but it was worth it.

Joshua Trees (Yucca brevifolia) are actually part of the yucca genus and are endemic to this southwest area. The second picture is of Parry’s Nolina (Nolina parryi) and it’s flower stalk can go up over six feet tall.



The rubble rock formations are because of plutonic intrusions that made these joints in the solid rock. Water created fractures along these joints and physical weathering took care of the rest. And now it’s a great climbing park.


As for fauna, most were seen around Barker Dam, although at this time of year the pool was completely dry. You can see bighorn sheep like this male.


And then there were adorable bunnies. I don’t know what they are only that they’re freaking bushy-tailed cute!!


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  1. Kristan says:

    AW, aminals!!!

    I love that poster. It actually got me to subscribe to this flickr stream:

  2. Kristan says:

    Oh, and I’m looking forward to more in the Getting Lost series!

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