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Fantasy and femininity


Love. Love is the idea behind these dresses, which are made out of romance novels, and love is what I feel for them.

The artist explains how she came up with the idea:

I cannot recall exactly when or how it occurred to me to make dresses out of the books, but the idea didn’t arrive in that brilliant and life-changing flash I expected.  Rather, it was a slow piecing together of several ideas. First, I had an art school assignment to make a piece that discussed the concept of “invisibility.” This project made me question the visible versus the invisible within my own life, and in the lives of other American women. I considered the roles that romance novels, the beauty industry and the fashion world play within our culture; the three share definite commonalities, as they all thrive on fantasy and define femininity for many. I combined these worlds into one unwearable and fragile garment as a way to speak to the visibility and invisibility of different aspects of womanhood.

It’s how you wear it


But if I were to wear something, it might as well be grand like these. A bit behind, but some of my faves from Fashion Week.


Peter Pilotto

Roberto Cavalli


Dress me up like this


I’m normally not a fan of red, but Nina Dobrev’s Emmy Dress by Donna Karen is absolutely gorgeous.

No really how gorgeous is she and this dress? I want to look like this forever.

All that glitters is gold


Everyone knows I love shiny things, and these Miu Miu ankle boots have been featured everywhere and constantly remind me that I COVET THESE SHOES. It’s too bad I could never justify the price, but I know I could rock the silver and peach suede ones.

Ariel gets updated


This Australian label Aje has some fun dresses that reminded me of The Little Mermaid’s dress at the very end, which I’ve always loved. Except these dresses would be Ariel in a more trendy modern version.

How fun would it be to wear these to a party? What can I say, I love shiny things!